A Performance Inspired by Shop Lifting

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I had a lot of fun the other day performing with The Bushwick Book Club Seattle (just take a look at the video!). For those of you who don’t know, The Bushwick Book Club Seattle is a Seattle based non-profit that puts on these awesome book inspired music events (they do lots of other stuff too). The basic concept for each show is:

  1. a book is chosen
  2. artists (and audience members) read the book
  3. artists write an original song inspired by the book
  4. artists perform their song for a live audience (who have hopefully read the book too)
  5. audience claps

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Today I’ve Become A Better Man and I’ve Got the Certificate to Prove it.

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Last month I decided  to improve my production skill set so I took the leap and signed up for a Lynda.com membership. Lynda.com  is a website dedicated to delivering the most up to date video training on pretty much any piece of multimedia software in existence. And for less than $40 a month, I now have access to more training courses than I can shake a stick at (and I’ve got a pretty big stick, if you know what I mean). Read More