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Hope You’re OK — New Old WE Song

We Wrote the Book on Connectors

One upon a time there lived a mustache rock band from Seattle named We Wrote the Book on Connectors. One day they made a song called Hope You’re Ok. This song was not a popular song. Almost nobody ever heard it. WE performed it a few times but it never really took off.

“BOOOOOO!!!” the audience would yell. “That song sucks! Boooooo!”

“Play Captain of the Future!” demanded the crowd. “Future! Future! Future!”

Then WE decided to never play Hope You’re OK again.

The End

Or is it?…

… luckily WE made a recording of the song so it could live on forever inside the swampy computer tubes of the internet.



I wrote this song with Travis Young many years ago.

It’s about meeting an annoying guy at a party who is only interested in talking about his recent medical troubles.  This guy is a real downer. You politely drop some hints. But he doesn’t pick up on them.  He keeps talking to you and won’t go away.

And then a jazz band shows up during the bridge to liven things up a bit. (thank god)

The part of the saxophone is played by Galen Green.

Enjoy the song. And party on!

Hope You’re OK
by Mike Votava / Travis Young

nice to meet you
my name is mike
I work with your good friend dave
sorry to hear about your heart attack
but i hope you’re ok

were you bored in the hospital?
what did you do all day?
I had a similar experience
but I hope you’re ok

watch the ICE
watch the ICE
your doctor said don’t get so excited
watch the ICE
watch the ICE
if you’ll excuse me I must be on my way

that was a pretty bad spill back there
the table broke in half
i can’t believe we’re down by 25 points
but I hope you’re ok