New Song – Locker Combo

By October 26, 2018 Song of the Week

The older I get, the less my brain works good.

That’s why I wrote a song to help me remember the combination on my gym locker. It is called Locker Combo.

It’s not that interesting of a song but what it lacks in musicality, it makes up for in effectiveness. There is no way I will forget my locker combination now.

I hope you like the song. Also, please don’t take my stuff.


Locker Combo
by Mike Votava

35 17 35
is the combo to my locker
35 17 35
are the numbers that you need
now you can take my things

you can take my velcro
take my velcro wallet
you can take my notebook
you can take my ding dong buttons
you can take my phone charger
you can take my California Raisin keychain
you can take my toothbrush
then you can brush your teeth

you can take my autographed photo of Walter Jones
if you take my Vonnegut then you’ll also take the bookmark that my mother gave me
you can take my deodorant
then you can smell like me