Song of the Week: Blanket With a Hole

By May 4, 2018 Song of the Week

This week’s song was inspired by my poncho. I’ve had it for years. A friend bought it for me when he was in mexico.  I’m a lucky man!

Ponchos are great. But if you really think about it, “poncho” is just a fancy word for a “blanket with a hole.”

Also, don’t ever try to operate a motor vehicle while wearing a poncho. It will greatly increase your odds of crashing and exploding.

And yes, this is another song about something in my house. I’ve really been on a roll lately. Or maybe I’m running out of ideas…

I hope you like the song.

I was rushing to get this one done. I tried to give it a Starlight Mints vibe, but I didn’t quite get there got there. And I think the words are really dumb.

I also missed a golden opportunity to include a Predator reference. Now I feel like a dummy.

One of the guys on Arnold’s squad is named Poncho. The Predator eats him.

Blanket With a Hole
By Mike Votava

Boche ball by the tiki torch in the summer
sun goes down and bikini girls bring the thunder

blanket with a hole
keeps my body warm in the winter
arms are free to roam from the center
everyone’s a winner
poncho will deliver

birthday song at the Azteca eating tacos
clap your hands, mariachi band with sombreros

feeling so alive
it’s par for the course
bought it from a guy
riding on a horse

poncho juice is flowing from the faucet
sell themselves they always turn a profit