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Song of the Week: Dinosaur Socks

By December 6, 2019Song of the Week


I haven’t been doing too much recording lately so here is another song from the MJV archive. With that being said…

There’s nothing like a fresh pair of Dinosaur Socks to help get the weekend started.

Contrary to popular belief, Dinosaur Socks are real and they are on my feet. My buddy Osaka Punch gave them to me many eons ago when I was living in Bellingham. And I’ve still got’em.

This song is about a dude who has not been doing so hot in the lady department. He’s feeling lonely and down on himself. As a last resort he puts on some dinosaur socks and suddenly he’s a new man, full of confidence and ready for lady lovin’.



Dinosaur Socks
by Mike Votava

Dinosaur socks don’t fail me now
I am depending on you
I’ve been so lonely
I need you badly

Dinosaur socks what happens now
My feet are witness to the
Magical powers

I know she’s into me because
now I’m much more interesting
I will refuse to buy them drinks
That old technique has been extinct
My confidence is thru the roof
But secretly I owe it to my Dinosaur socks