Song of the Week: Get Yourself a Hot Dawg

By June 15, 2018 Song of the Week
Mike Votava Seattle Song of the Week Hot Dog

This song was inspired by one of my favorite pinball games located at my favorite pinball arcade.

The name of the game is Funhouse and the name of the arcade is Flip Flop Ding Dong, located in the heart of Georgetown.

In the game there is this dude named Rudy. And he says a bunch of funny crap as you try to shoot the pinball in his mouth.

My favorite part is when he says “Get yourself a hot dawg.”

This recording is feeling a little half cooked. Even the song itself could use a little bit more work. Unoftunatley, I don’t have time for that right now.

However, what I do have time for is to watch this video of Rudy saying stuff.

Get Yourself A Hot Dawg

Get yourself a hot dawg

Flip flop there
ding dong here
dropping quarters
ice cold beer
ladders and chairs
clap your hairs
I am getting sleepy

the boxing dude will knock you out
extra ball in your mouth
player 2
one million points
i am getting sleepy