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Song of the Week: Not That Bad

By July 27, 2018Song of the Week
mike votava not that bad seattle music

I don’t like people who complain a lot. And I don’t like complaining. I do my best not to.

Whenever I find myself in a spot where I’m complaining about something stupid — like my back hurts, or this dumb girl doesn’t like me, or I missed the bus and now I have to wait an extra ten minutes for the next bus to take me to my dumb job that I don’t like, or the bookmark fell out of my book and I can’t find where I left off, or nobody wants to hang out with me this weekend, or I can’t find my sunglasses — I try to remember that none of that crap really matters. And complaining just makes things worse.

And that’s what this song is about. It’s that moment when you realize “Hey, things are not that bad. None of that crap matters. Quit being a stupid dummy.”

I hope you like it. It is called Not That Bad. I wrote it all by myself.

I seriously considered calling it Not That Bad (Things Are). But I’m not in the mood for that kind of debauchery tonight.

Production Notes:

I’ve been listening to a lot of Ben Kweller lately. When I started writing this song I set out to make it “Ben Kweller-esque”. I don’t think I got there. It just sounds like one of my songs.

I’m not a big fan of the drum track but I ran out of time to make it better.

The harmony parts sound good.

Some of the lead guitar licks sound good. Those were not easy for me (I suck at guitar).

There are no keyboards in this song, just as God intended.

The first line in the bridge “plenty of food to eat” is not my favorite. I think the bridge is pretty weak overall. Oh well, what are you gonna do? Am I right?

Not That Bad
by Mike Votava

Welcome to my home
it’s feeling kind of lonely
all the doors are closed
the windows black and bony

Come down to the basement and you’ll see just what I mean
there is nothing left between us, oh baby
things are not that bad
sit down do the math

Hang out on the couch
listen to my problems
I am leaving town
take care of my belongings

This super computer can compute things super fast
but it wasn’t built to last, was it baby?
things are not that bad
sit down do the math

Plenty of food to eat
memory foam mattress for me to sleep on
close your eyes and dream about anything

Time is running out
still don’t’ know what I’m doing
look up at the clouds
they don’t seem to be moving

When I’m on vacation it’s so hard to relax
knowing you’re not coming back
things are not that bad
sit down do the math