Song of the Week: Oh For Two

By August 23, 2018 Song of the Week
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Here’s a new song I just wrote and recorded called Oh For Two. It’s kind of inspired by a book.

I just got finished reading The Sparrow  by Mary Doria Russell. It’s a pseudo-science fiction novel about a bunch of priests / scientist who fly to another planet to hang out with some aliens. It is fantastic. The last ¼ of the book some real shit goes down.

The major theme is about faith and God and questioning / following / justifying beliefs.  At the end of the book the book God really fucks over the main dude. It’s just like real life!

Oh For Two doesn’t reference the book specifically (an odd change of pace for me), but the book did leave me feeling all gospely inside. And this is the diddy that came out. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Sam Russell lately which surely had an influence.

The song is about being confused and not having answers to the things that you feel like you should have answers to.

Kind of like: you strongly believe that free throws should be easy, right? Are you sure? Then why did you go 0 for 2? Hmmm…. This doesn’t add up. You are a dummy just like everyone else.

I doubt I would ever play a song like this at The Bushwick Book Club Seattle. I would probably get boooed off the stage.

Production Notes

This recording is straight up mono, bro. I usually never do that. I’m breaking new ground!

There are two guitar tracks. One track is more chordy and the other I’m playing arpeggios on the higher strings. I mixed them together to sound more or less like one guitar track. My playing isn’t perfect (big shock!) so there are moments where it creates this kind of cool warbly effect, like a drunken guitar circus.

I got the words wrong in the chorus. It’s supposed to be “gravity renewed”, but I sang “gravity removed.” I’m bad a words.

That is all. I hope you like the song.


Oh For Two
by Mike Votava

You haven’t seen the last of me
God shed his grace on thee
so easy to believe this kind of nonsense

feel the tiny miracles
dancing on your feet
thunderbolts just keep on bouncing off you

Shooting free throws on the moon
perfect form is always looking good
Shooting free throws on the moon
gravity renewed
going oh for two
freethrows on the moon

Imagine you’re a particle that hasn’t learned to float
consult the coach’s notes
hope for guidance

The world seems so much simpler
from beyond the charity stripe
I don’t know what that’s like
so I’ll stay quiet