Song of the Week: Parachute Pants

By April 6, 2018 Song of the Week
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There was a day last week where the sun was shining and everything seemed great. It reminded me of the day I met a girl near the end of last summer.

Despite the fact that she showed up over sixty fucking minutes late for our first date (Seriously?! What the hell?!), she turned out to be fine.  A lot of good times were had. She was more fun than most and I liked her a lot.

But it didn’t work out. That’s OK though.  It rarely does and I’m used to it by now. We are still pals (I think… I don’t know.  Who knows?).

This song chronicles some of those aforementioned “good times”.  I’m not sure if this sort of thing is creepy, or endearing, or lame, or all of those things. You can decide.

I enjoyed her chants and she made me laugh — racking up a ton of bonus points throwing zingers at Rick for eating too much hummus and pistachios.

She still occasionally sends me pictures of her cat, which is nice.

Special shout to my buddy Kerry for contributing to the taco chant part of the song.

Party on.

Parachute Pants
by Mike Votava

The sun is out
shining on my face
catching all the rays
direct from outer space
walking down
you’re sixty minutes late
waiting for you now
to meet you in Georgetown

with parachute pants
zipper romance
tiny pockets to help us dance

looking pretty good
opposite of bad
coffee in your hand
kiss you on the mouth
we start to chant
when the tacos come
you’re getting super drunk
and sleeping on the towels

send me pictures of your cat
there is nothing wrong with that
bombs in your bath
getting clean while I take a nap

document with dots
betting on the pigs
keeping on the lights
I’ll read to you in bed
I hit it hard
that’s what she said
sleeping in till five
while people eat your bread