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New Song: Pay Attention

By March 22, 2019Song of the Week
mike votava pay attention

Here’s a song I wrote a few years ago during my last year of college. It’s called Pay Attention.

Right around 2010 or so I decided to go back to school to get my stupid college degree. My experience was not nearly as fun as the time Rodney Dangerfield went back to school.

I was too old and grumpy, and I didn’t make any friends, and I did a ton of homework, and I didn’t learn anything, and I scored a 0 from the judges when I attempted the Triple Lindy at the diving competition.

By the time my last few quarters rolled around, I had just about enough of Western Washington University (go Vikings!).

I ended up graduating. It was quite the relief. And I never did homework again.

I hope you like the song. It features a toy tambourine.


I’m just gonna leave this right here…

Pay Attention
by Mike Votava

tt’s hard to believe
This is all that’s left of me
Older than the oldest guy you know

Computer on my back
Sitting here in class
All the girls are popping from their clothes

I just can’t pay attention anymore

On Western holy ground
Can’t escape the sound
of stupid hippies and their dumb guitars

not much here to do
but sit around and think of you
why does Bellingham have to be so far away

I just can’t pay attention anymore

I’m almost there
I’m all washed up
I’m almost done with everything

I just can’t pay attention anymore

what do I do now
with a brain that’s slowly burning out
I’m pretty sure that I don’t care

Eat a piece of cake
What’s it gonna take
do just enough so i won’t fail