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This Thursday — I’m Performing With The Bushwick Book Club Seattle

By Events

Good news, everyone!

This Thursday at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center you can catch me and  a bunch of other talented Seattle artists performing with The Bushwick Book Club Seattle — original music inspired by Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. No, not the popular TV series, I’m talking about the comic book series that the TV shows is based off of. Come on, this is a book club people!

Thursday, October 30th | doors 7pm | show 8pm
The Bushwick Book Club Seattle Presents:
original music inspired by
Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead
At The Fremont Abbey Arts Center


I love Bushwick and can’t wait for this show. I hope to see you there. Say hello. Buy me beer.

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Google Image Search Is The Best Tumblr

By I love the internet

My friend Travis has a very strong opinion about the images he accidentally discovers using Google image search for *legitimate purposes. He thinks that they are the best. He talks about it all the time. Every day Travis is all like, “Google image search this,” and, “Google image search that.” I don’t mind though, I’m a fan of the Google image search engine myself.

Regardless of whatever phrase Travis is searching for — dead baby haircuts, California ding dong kitten surprise, electric pizza tornado — he claims that there is always at least one image that makes him laugh.

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The Making of Hot Dog?

By Artwork, GIF, hot dog

Here is a behind the scenes look into the making of my latest master piece… Hot Dog?


I fully expect the image above to win me some kind of award in hot dog excellence, or a Nobel prize or something. Then I will be rich and famous and will be able to buy as many hot dogs as I want.

Making Hot Dog? was indeed a grueling process but this is how it was done. I will break it down for you by the elements used. Read More

My Shoes Hurt

By Artwork

Today I typed in the phrase my shoes hurt into Google image search. I was very unimpressed with what I saw. Mostly it was a bunch of stupid crap — pictures of dumb feet and shoes. Rather than do the typical American thing of complaining about situations and not do anything about it, I decided to actually do something about it.

Below you will see my contribution to the my shoes hurt Google image search problem, a problem that has been plaguing me all god damn day. My hope is that the next time you search for my shoes hurt via Google image search that you will see this beautiful creation.


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Take Me To Your Sandwich

By GIF, Sandwich

Take me to your sandwich.
Take me to your sandwich.
Take me to your sandwich.
Take me there.

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Tennis Pro Just Released A New EP And I Am Pumped

By music, Tennis Pro

Tennis Pro is easily one of Seattle’s best bands. They have been a personal favorite of mine for years and recently they have been TEARING IT UP. Coming high off the release of their first full length indie film Big In Japan (it was all the rage at SIFF, go see it), over the past few weeks the Pros have been playing shows in Seattle left and right — including their upcoming performance at Capitol Hill Block Party this weekend. Quite a change of pace for a band who, for the few years prior, averaged less than two Seattle shows per year. That was a dark time for Tennis Pro fans like myself. I’m glad it is over.

The real big news is that just this week (surprise!) Tennis Pro released a brand new EP titled Girl of the Golden West which is available for download at CDbaby. You should download it right now. Don’t be a jerk.
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Stamos and Friends – Tumblr Blog

By Silly Projects

For whatever reason my friends are fortunate enough to hang out with the legendary John Stamos on a regular basis. This delights me to no end. So I started this tumblr blog, aptly named Stamos and Friends which contains nothing but, you guessed it, real photos of my friends with John Stamos.

Now would be a good time for you to head over to the Stamos And Friends Tumblr and hit the follow button. It will be updated often with more Stamos-y goodness.

Have Mercy!

Here is a little taste of what you will see…

Samos and Friends

Hooray for 100 Facebook Fans!

By Uncategorized

Yesterday I reached the 100th Facebook fan milestone. Hooray! A big thank you goes out to all of you who have jumped on the MJV4LIFE bandwagon. I feel very blessed by your existence and your continued support.


Be sure to say hello if you see me out in public somewhere. I would love to buy you beer.