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Mike Votava

Today I’ve Become A Better Man and I’ve Got the Certificate to Prove it.

By skills to pay the bills

Last month I decided  to improve my production skill set so I took the leap and signed up for a membership.  is a website dedicated to delivering the most up to date video training on pretty much any piece of multimedia software in existence. And for less than $40 a month, I now have access to more training courses than I can shake a stick at (and I’ve got a pretty big stick, if you know what I mean). Read More

Awesome GIFS of My Two Favorite Cats

By cats, Trouble Cat

A few months ago I was hanging out at my friend’s house when I overheard, or at least thought I overheard someone say, “We should make some GIFS of Trouble and Brontosaurus.” –  Trouble and Brontosaurus (Bronti for short) being the names of their cats. To which I thought to myself, “Hey, I know how to make animated GIFS. This is gonna be fun.” So the next day I spent an hour or so putting a bunch of GIFS  together, and I was right… it WAS fun.
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