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A few months ago I was hanging out at my friend’s house when I overheard, or at least thought I overheard someone say, “We should make some GIFS of Trouble and Brontosaurus.” –  Trouble and Brontosaurus (Bronti for short) being the names of their cats. To which I thought to myself, “Hey, I know how to make animated GIFS. This is gonna be fun.” So the next day I spent an hour or so putting a bunch of GIFS  together, and I was right… it WAS fun.

And Bronti, if you are reading this, I’m sorry, girl – I know there isn’t very many GIFS of you. I just had a hard time getting enough footage. Always running around, doing stuff, not staying still – the exact opposite of Trouble, always layin’ around, sleepin’. But don’t worry, Bronti… I… I… I just want you to know that it’s not you… its ME. I will still rescue from the roof when the time comes…

Now, on to the fun. Enjoy! (These may take a while to load. Be patient or I will murder you.)

Brontosaurus (Bronti)


Trouble Cat

troubleYawn_v05 troubleYawn_v06 troubleSleepy_V03 troubleSleepy_v02 troubleSleepy_v01 troubleScared_v07 troubleScared_v03 troubleScared_v02 troubleScared_v01 troubleRun_v01 troubleHam_v02 troubleHam_v01 troubleFun_v01 troubleCat_v07 troubleCat_v04 troubleCat_v02 troubleFun_v05