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Get Over It

By January 6, 2022MJV Living

I’ve decided to adopt a new personal motto this year.  And that motto is…

“Get Over It”

I have an uncanny ability to get mentally stuck on stupid crap. The kind of crap that doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter much, and/or I have no control over.  And also the kind of stuff that is simply an unhealthy and unhelpful way of thinking. I find that small, stupid, unimportant, dumb things can sometimes overwhelm me if I let them, which I do all too often.

My hope is that a “get over it” mindset will keep me moving forward. Help me make better decisions and to do the right thing. Allow me to not get hung up on unimportant garbage so I can better focus on the things that truly matter to me.

I made a sign. I hung it up on my studio wall. It serves as a reminder for me to practice my new motto every day.

I’m loosely defining the “it” in “get over it” as any thoughts or prolonged self-imposed mental state that is kind of holding me back in a way that is unhelpful and/or ultimately not good for me.

I realize that “get over it” is a broad statement. That’s by design! It can be applied conservatively or liberally to help improve almost any situation. Some situations will obviously take a lot longer to get over than others. It all depends on the severity of the situation and how good you are at getting over stuff.

And of course, there are some things that you will find impossible to get over —like Super Bowl XL and Super Bowl XLIX for example (Fuck the Steelers and Fuck Patriots! Fuck everything!)

And let us not forget about the goddammn Vinny Testaverde phantom helmet touchdown. Never getting over it.  Fucking bullshit!

There are plenty of daily opportunities to “Get Over It”. Here’s a real-life example that happened to me just yesterday.

It was getting late into the night. I was tired and sleepy. It was undeniably bedtime. In my heart, I knew that I should go to bed, and that going to bed was the right thing to do. But I don’t like going to bed. I think it’s boring. I want to stay up and do stuff and party.

Oftentimes I will fight off the natural urge to catch that train to dreamland.  I will stay up way longer than I should. This results in me getting less sleep, which in turn increases the chances of me being a Mr. Crabby Pants the following day by ten thousand percent.

I don’t like going to bed but I don’t like being a Mr. Crabby pPants either. This is quite the conundrum I’ve put myself in.

That’s when I looked to my sign for guidance. It stared me right in the face and said, “I don’t give a fuck if you don’t want to go to bed. Get over it! Go the fuck to sleep!”

Minutes later I was in my bed sleeping away. I got over not wanting to go to bed.

My new motto is already helping me make better decisions. And the sign worked like a charm!

I have more to say about my new motto but it will have to wait until another time. I’m sleepy and the sign is yelling at me again to call it a night.

One last thing, if you like my sign and you’d like one just like it for yourself, you can download it here.

Hamburger night!