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A Performance Inspired by Shop Lifting

I had a lot of fun the other day performing with The Bushwick Book Club Seattle (just take a look at the video!). For those of you who don’t know, The Bushwick Book Club Seattle is a Seattle based non-profit that puts on these awesome book inspired music events (they do lots of other stuff too). The basic concept for each show is:

  1. a book is chosen
  2. artists (and audience members) read the book
  3. artists write an original song inspired by the book
  4. artists perform their song for a live audience (who have hopefully read the book too)
  5. audience claps

For this particular event the book was the Jack Straw Writers Anthology 2013. The anthology consists of twelve authors writing poems or short stories, so each Bushwick artist was paired up with a different individual author from the anthology. I was thrilled to be paired up with Judith Skillman as she was by far my favorite author of the bunch. Her short story titled In This Case,  about a conversation a mother was having with her daughter after she had gotten caught shop lifting, inspired me to write a song about one of my favorite shop lifting experiences. We had a lot of fun. Hilarity ensued!

I’m pretty sure I broke the record for the longest Bushwick performance of all time with this one, it chimes in just under the twenty minute mark.

My goodness, MJV. Bushwick performances are only supposed to be ten minutes tops. What are you doing?!! Somebody get the hook!!


A special shout out goes to the talented Emily Eastridge for jumping up on stage with me to tell her own shop lifting story. I could not have broken that record without you.