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By November 16, 2021November 17th, 2021MJV Living

I was feeling extra saucy the other day. I decided to pay off the full remaining balance on one of my student loans. This was no small chunk of change. It was a lot for me.

After I hit that pay now button I was feeling pretty accomplished.  I finally did something with my life. But the feeling faded quickly. I was expecting to immediately get some kind of official “look what you did, way to go!” type of message from the evil folks at Navient. But no. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

My jubilation turned to disappointment and then to anger.  Fuck Navient for not even acknowledging my moment of triumph! I felt like I deserved better.

Fast forward to a few disgruntled weeks later,  I got an email. It was from my old pal Navient!

The subject of the email was, and I quote, “Congratulations, your loan is paid in full!”

I opened the email and this is what I saw.

navient sucks

Awwwwww yeah!!!!! Would you look at that puppy?!!!! Yes!!!!!

Under the graphic was a bunch of stupid text that had nothing to do with me paying off my loan. I didn’t read it.

Oh well, at least that graphic is pretty sweet. And I finally have that emotional closure I was after.

All is right in the universe. Amen.