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Get Yourself a Bean Dad Shirt

By January 10, 2021January 11th, 2021Artwork, design, shirt design

A few days ago a friend told me about the brand new viral story sensation of Bean Dad. If Bean Dad sounds stupid, that’s because it is!

Here is a short recap.

Bean Dad involves Seattle rocker John Roderick (Full disclosure, I am not a fan of his).

He wrote a dumb story on his Twitter account about his daughter wanting to eat a stupid can of beans. But she couldn’t eat the beans because she didn’t know how to operate the can opener. And of course, John didn’t want to teach her. He wanted her to figure it out on her own, which she failed to do because she had never used a can opener before. So no beans for her!

For reasons beyond being just an annoying story, it upset a lot of folks on the internet. They turned it into a whole “Bean Dad” meme thing. There was lots of internet shaming. Old and unpleasant John Roderick tweets were dug up. Things got ugly quickly. Then the national media got a hold of the story and all hell broke loose.

John Roderick eventually offered up an apology for what he had done.

See, I told you the whole Bean Dad thing was stupid.

I think the internet overreacted (that’s what the internet does best). I, on the other hand, managed to react appropriately. Upon first hearing that John Roderick was Bean Dad I laughed and laughed. Of course, John Roderick is Bean Dad. Who else would it be?! Thake makes so much sense!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to make a Bean Dad shirt. And it was fun! There’s a can opener on it. Here it is:

Bean Dad

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I Googled  “Bean Dad Shirt” before making my design. Nothing came up. I’m taking that to mean that I am the first person in the universe to make a Bean Dad shirt. I hope that fact will one day be featured on my future Wikipedia page. I am also hoping that my Bean Dad shirt will make me very rich in the short-term.

Bean Dad shirt

Bean Dad shirt

Bean Dad shirt