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Is It Time To Hit the Panic Button?

By September 27, 2021September 28th, 2021Artwork, shirt design

panic button shirt mike votava

Today I was thinking about the Seattle Seahawks. They look terrible this year. Their defense is especially bad. They can’t tackle, they can’t get to the quarterback, they can’t cover anyone, and they can’t get any stops.  They stink.

I’m not ready for the Seahawks to be a bad team.  Though, after three consecutive weeks of crappy football, I’m afraid it may be time to hit the panic button.

That line of thinking lead me to design this PANIC BUTTON shirt design.

It’s available for purchase on my TeePublic and Cotton Bureau online shirt shops.

I don’t know if it is a good idea to wear a shirt with a big red button on it. Strange people that you don’t know may take it as an invitation to press it, which would involve a lot of unwanted poking. And nobody likes an unwanted poke.