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Julia Massey Made My Day

By May 25, 2021May 28th, 2021MJV Living

Something nice happened to me today.

I am a patron of Julia Massey’s Patreon account. It’s one of two Patreons I subscribe to, the other being Ben Folds.

Julia Massey is a Seattle area musician and songwriter. She is in the band Warren Dunes. On her Patreon she releases a bunch of new music to her patron followers only. And today she dedicated her new song to me. I am smitten with delight.

She writes:

 “I dedicate this song to my patron, friend, and fellow musician Mike Votava. I’m always watching MJV combine things that he loves into his songs: tacos, naps, cats; you name it, he’s probably got it covered with talent and joy.”

It’s always nice to hear my fellow musician friends say nice things about me. It’s nice to know that they appreciate what I’m doing and that I’m a part of a community.

“FreeJoyRats” is a cool song. I enjoyed it. The only way for you to hear it is if you become Julia’s Patron, which I highly recommend you to at this very instant.

While you are at it, go buy the new Warren Dunes album.

Here is a photo of Julia and me at a show at Café Racer. She has great taste in buttons.