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Mario Hat On A Shirt

By September 1, 2021shirt design

mario hat shirt design

Here is my latest shirt design. It’s a drawing of a Mario hat.

Are you kidding me?!! A Mario hat on a shirt?!! What will they think of next?!!!!

This Mario hat shirt will impress all your Nintendo video game friends. If you wear it, there is a good chance you will soon find yourself on the cover of NES Cool Kidz magazine!

This shirt is available for purchase at my Cotton Bureau online shirt shop. (awesome quality)

I would have put it up on my TeePublic shop as well, but I think I violated some intellectual property copyright deal they have with Nintendo.

To make this design, I drew over the top of a photograph of a toy Mario.

And then I added some extra fun textures to make the drawing more interesting.

Lately, I’ve been practicing my Pen tool technique. This design is the result of some of that practice. I am getting much more comfortable drawing in Illustrator.

Super duper!