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New Song: Buzzy Buzzy Bee

By October 27, 2020October 30th, 2020music, Tuesday Groove Kabobs

Alas, a brand new song for you!

This one is called Buzzy Buzzy Bee. It’s about the world’s most fun arcade machine ever invented.

Much like the game, this song will have you buzzing with joy! Hit that play button below.


In the game, you get thirty seconds to scoop up floating balls (I think they’re supposed to be bees) with a net and drop them into the honey pot. Each successful bee deposit is worth one point, and two points during the “bonus” time. When the game is over it spits out prize tickets. The more points you score, the more tickets you get.

It is much harder than it sounds. Controlling the net takes an unprecedented amount of dexterity and finesse. Buzzy Buzzy Bee should be an Olympic sport. I don’t know why it’s not. I should start a campaign.

The particular machine that I played is at The Ruckus Room Arcade and Fun Center in Bellingham. Above the game is a whiteboard where you could write down your name and score if you achieved the high score.  A dude by the name of Murray Pendergrass would always be on the board with a Buzzy Buzzy Bee score way higher than humanly possible.  As much as we tried, our scores wouldn’t come close. We couldn’t beat Murray’s score.  Murray is the goddamm Tom Brady of Buzzy Buzzy Bee. Fuck that guy.

My buddy Kerry LOVES Buzzy Buzzy Bee. She loves it so much that she would often spend her work lunch breaks at The Ruckus Room scooping up bees. She eventually earned enough tickets to cash in on the ultimate arcade prize… Mr. Pickle.


Buzzy Buzzy Bee
by Mike Votava

What’s your high score?
I’m coming for your honey
gonna write my name top the leader board
with a whiteboard pen and that will be the end
of Murray fucking Pendergrass

That’s a nice technique
I like the way you work that basket
catch the floating balls drop them in the pot
give em all you’ve got plus a little more
before your time expires

Buzzy Buzzy Bee
Buzzy Buzy Buzzy Buzzy Buzzy Buzzy Bee
Buzzy Buzzy Bee
Buzzy Buzzy Bee

I finally have enough
cashing in all my tickets
Mr. Pickle’s mine
take him off the shelf
put him in my arms
next to my heart
so I can love him better