New Song: Take A Nap

By November 12, 2018 Song of the Week
Mike Votava music take a nap

It’s no secret that I’ve been known to enjoy a nap or two or three. Naps are good for me, they are good for you, they are good for everyone.

It is an unfortunate reality that in a lot of people’s minds the nap is a very underrated activity. I don’t know what is wrong with these people. They are clearly idiots. Naps are rad. Period.

Here is a song I wrote inspired by my love for naps. It is called Take A Nap.


The nap is a choice. A good choice. The right choice. Word.

Take A Nap
by Mike Votava

the sky is falling on your head
farts are all around
put the movie down
read a book instead

thoughts are broken and smashed to bits
listen to the cars in the backyard
playing all the hits

take a nap
you should take a nap

closed for business
but not closed for good
doing warp speed in the time machine
the goose has not been cooked

a one-way ticket to hammock town
officially immune to the afternoon
shut this party down

take a nap
you should take a nap