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Poster Design For Upcoming Tim’s Tavern Show

By July 9, 2021Artwork, design

I am thrilled that live music is back in Seattle.  I even have an upcoming show at Tim’s Tavern on July 16 with Tennis Pro and Drea Marilyn.

Here is the poster I made for the show.

It turned out OK. I like the smoky texture overlay quite a bit.  The band listings are in a big display font in a centered and evenly spaced list. I tend to do this a lot with my show posters. It works but I am getting sick of it. I think I can do something more interesting with the text. For the next poster, I design I am going to move away from this layout choice.

Here is the original image of the sumo wrestler.

The image is free to use and free of any copyright restrictions. I found it using my new favorite free image search image website Museo.

With Museo, you can search a number of online digital art galleries for visuals that are free to use in your projects.  It’s a fantastic tool.

I searched for “wrestling” and the sumo wrestler image was amongst my search results. Pretty cool!

I don’t know what sumo wrestling has to with rock concerts. I just thought the imagery was cool.

You know what else I think would be cool? Is if you came to my upcoming show on Friday July 16th at Tim’s Tavern!

Hope to see you there.