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New Song: At The Movies

By July 27, 2021July 30th, 2021music, Tuesday Groove Kabobs
mike votava music at the movies

Every Tuesday I release a brand new song as a part of my Tuesday Groove Kabobs project.

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Here is a fun new song that I just made. It’s called “At The Movies”.

There isn’t a lot to this one. It is as straightforward as can be.

No metaphors, no symbolism, no controversy, no euphemisms, no clever plays on words, and absolutely no twists and/or turns. It’s about going to a movie theatre and watching a movie. This is a very surface-level song.

I hope you enjoy it. And I hope to see you “At The Movies”.


Bonus Song Nugget #1

I suck at guitar

I probably did about five million takes when recording the guitar solo lead parts. It took me over three hours to record about fifteen seconds of music. How embarrassing.  I should practice more.

Bonus Song Nugget #2

I still haven’t seen the new Fast and Furious Movie

I’ve had plans with a friend to see the new Fast 9 on three separate occasions. But it’s been so nice outside we usually just end up drinking beer in the backyard. One of these days I will see it and it will be awesome. I can’t remember the last time I was inside a movie theatre.

Bonus Song Nugget #3

Spoiler Alert

This song contains a spoiler for Fight Club. So don’t listen to this song if you haven’t seen Fight Club Yet. Otherwise, you will be spoiled. You have been warned. Bwa ha ha ha!!!!!

Bonus Song Nugget #4

The last movie I watched was Crocodile Dundee

“That’s not a knife. That’s a knife.” — Crocodile Dundee

At The Movies
by Mike Votava

Here we go
to the movies
watch a show
eat some popcorn

Find a seat
in the theatre
I’m not impressed
with the trailers

Cooling off
in the summer
you gotta love
the air conditioning

blew my mind
that Tyler Durden
and Edward Norton
are the same person

at the movies

I’ve got to run
to the bathroom
when I return
tell me what happened

Check it out
the folks in front of us
are making out
touching boobies

Holy crap
give them an Oscar
and all the thumbs
Siskel and Ebert

This is great
watching Arnold
Sarah Connor

at the movies