In honor of the upcoming We Wrote the Book on Connectors show at the High Dive on June 11th, I invented this fantastic poster.  And by invented I mean designed.

Before you read any further, I would like to make one thing perfectly clear. We Wrote the Book on Connectors is the name of my rock band.  OK. Carry on.

we wrote the book on connectors poster high dive

I found the image used for the ROK-O-TRON 5000 on Flickr commons . It’s a great spot to find royalty free images. There are all kinds of treasures to be found. For instance, take this illustration of a boy walking a pig.

pig picture illustration

See? Treasures!

Anyways, this poster turned out pretty good. I printed up some 12” x 18” prints. A handful of them are on display at the High Dive at this very moment.

I’ve got a few extra prints. I will give you one if you come to the show on Saturday June 11th. Just remember to say the magic words when I see you. The magic words are… Pizza House!