Poster For An Upcoming Bushwick Book Club Seattle Event

By February 21, 2014 March 6th, 2014 design, posters, The Bushwick Book Club Seattle

Take a look at this poster for an upcoming Bushwick Book Club Seattle event. Guess who designed it?  That’s right, I did! My favorite part is when the bird stands on the stack of books and doesn’t move. He just stands there, completely still, forever…

I brought up an interesting point – stillness. In a world full of video games, and television, and professional wrestlers, and cats, all constantly on the move, whirling all around us everywhere we go, there is something poetic about having to intentionally stop moving to fully appreciate something. So even if that something is just a poster of a bird standing on some books, the combined stillness of both the image and the viewer set to the busy background of the outside world helps make the overall visual experience more interesting.

About The Bushwick Book Club Seattle

The Bushwick Book Club Seattle is not your run-of-the-mill book club. It’s not just a bunch of old artsy fartsy types stuffed in to room to discuss some dumb book most of us have never heard of. Actually, Bushwick is a community of musicians who write and perform songs inspired by the books they read. Which in the case of this event, the book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

And STYLE is Bushwick’s educational program. It stands for Song Writing Through Youth Literature Education. It is a program designed to teach kids song writing and critical thinking skills using books that are already in their current school’s curriculum. Again, in this case that book is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and the school Bushwick is working with is Aki Kurose Middle School. At this event the kids will be performing the songs that they themselves wrote during the STYLE program.

What a cool idea!  Major kudos to everyone involved!