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Poster For Upcoming Jenny Littlefield and Friends Show at Cafe Racer

I’ve got a show coming up. It’s on May 19th at Cafe Racer. I’ll be playing solo. But I won’t be the only Seattle artist performing that night. Jenny Littlefield and Her Friends will be there.

Her “friends” include Maya Marie, The Bob Lamm Band, and me (MJV).

And you can’t have a show without an official show poster. Well… I guess you can. But that would be a dumb thing to do. And I’m no dummy.

I pride myself on running the most professional ship in town. In an effort to live up to my self-generated hype, I designed a show poster for the event. It’s currently hanging up at Cafe Racer right now.

Here is that show poster.

jenny littlefield and friends show poster mike votava cafe racer

The printed version is the standard 11″ x 17″. The design features a speeding motorcycle. Which works well with the overall Cafe Racer aesthetic. The color profile consists of only two colors (three if you count the black).

Here are some mockups of what the poster might look like in action.

And here are some other graphics I made to promote the show on Instagram and Facebook.

I hope all these graphics make you want to come to the show.  Remember to RSVP on Facebook.