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Every week you get a new song from Mike Votava. How cool is that?! It’s super cool!

A few months ago my car was stolen in Columbia City. I was pretty bummed out about it. Lucky for me it showed up in a hotel parking lot down in Tukwila five weeks later. The inside was filled with trash and mud and some burglar’s tools, but it was mostly in great shape. Similar to how I left it, completely drivable.

Got my car back. Fuck yeah!

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I was pumped to get my car back, but the fuckers who stole it did end up taking a few things. My stereo. My screwdriver. My tire iron. My backup pants. My Seahawks seat covers. And my driving cane. THE FUCKERS TOOK MY DRIVING CANE!

So tell me this. Now what am I supposed to shake at other people when I get upset while I’m driving? My fists? That’s ridiculous. It’s just not the same. I’ve got nothing of substance to shake. I miss my driving cane (sigh). It was the best for shaking.

I have yet to replace it, but I did end up writing this song called “Driving Cane”, so I feel like I’m at least headed in the right direction.

And here it is. The Mike Votava song of the week — Driving Cane. I hope you like it. It features the mighty Rick Weber on lead guitar.

The song is available to download for FREE on my Bandcamp page.


If this song inspires you to get a driving cane of your own, I would like to know about it! Please leave a comment and let me know how you really feel about stuff.

Driving Cane
by Mike Votava

I don’t know how to drive
I’m always crashing in to everything
Beams of disappointment blasting from your eyes
I don’t know what you’re going to do with me

Forty thousand pesos is not a lot of pesos
Can’t afford that yacht

This driving cane is the only driving cane that I‘ve got

Driving cane
right in your face
I’m shaking my cane in your big stupid face

Sometimes you know exactly where you want to be
but most times you won’t know what the hell is happening