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Speeding Down the Tracks

By March 19, 2014music

Well the train is coming
so you better get out of the way
destination Bellingham USA

I’m speeding down the tracks
and I’m probably never coming back
cause I don’t want to ever want to feel that way again

the scenery behind me dissappears
ponder to myself in between my ears

I’m speeding down the tracks
it’s the perfect time to take a nap
gonna close my eyes and dream of what’s to come

this train is going somwhere
I wonder when i’ll get there
will you be waiting for me
we’ll take this train apart
just promise me you’ll never break my heart

I’m the only passenger on fire
this body has been burning for awhile

I’m speeding down the tracks
with a sexy lady on my lap
she tells me that she likes the way i smell

I can’t decide which cereal I want
gonna have to choose when this train stops

I’m speeding down the tracks
I’m writing my own almanac
predicting that the rainy days are gone
ahead of me is nothing but the sun