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The Making of Hot Dog?

By August 5, 2014Artwork, GIF, hot dog

Here is a behind the scenes look into the making of my latest master piece… Hot Dog?


I fully expect the image above to win me some kind of award in hot dog excellence, or a Nobel prize or something. Then I will be rich and famous and will be able to buy as many hot dogs as I want.

Making Hot Dog? was indeed a grueling process but this is how it was done. I will break it down for you by the elements used.

stock photo of the girl by the lake

I did not take this photo, instead it was emailed to me. There is really great free stock photo website called Death To Stock Photos and if you sign up on their email list, every few weeks they send you a collection of fancy photos that you can legally use how ever you want. It is great. Below is what the untouched photo looks like.


vintage photo effect

I came across this Photoshop tutorial the other day on How To Create a Washed Out Vintage Matte Photo Effect . It was easy to follow along, took about 5 minutes to get through.  Then I applied what I learned to Hot Dog? (It is pretty fun using question marks when giving your artwork names. Makes me feel pretty artsy fartsy.)

the text

I used a free font for the text — Bebas Neue. It is great for headlines. I used the phrase Hot Dog? because I am a genius.

That’s it. That’s all I did. You can stop reading now. I hope you are happy.

bonus GIF

And as a special gift for those of you are still reading, I created this lovely GIF using GIFmaker. It was easy.

hot dog gif

The end.