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The Mike Votava Newsletter Archive

mike votava newsletter archive

For the past couple years, I’ve been publishing a weekly newsletter. It’s one of the best things I do. In the newsletter I share stuff from the Seattle music and arts community, other fun discoveries from around the internet, as well as my own music, show, and project updates. The highlight of the newsletter (or at least what I think the highlight is) is a new song from me each week.

My goal is to publish every week, sending it directly to your inbox every Friday. Unfortunately, I don’t always hit that goal. That’s OK though. I try no to be too hard on myself about that. The important thing is that I’m publishing at all, and that I do it fairly consistently and maintain the level of quality my readers have grown to expect.

To date, I’ve published 58 editions of the Mike Votava newsletter. I thought it would be fun to build an archive of all past issues.

So I built the Mike Votava newsletter archive. It currently lives on the bottom of the Newsletter subscribe page.  Check it out here.

Seeing all the issues listed makes the newsletter seem more like a tangible accomplishment. Each issue is another trophy in the proverbial trophy room.

Mike Votava Newsletter Seattle music