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Today I learned something crazy

By May 24, 2021MJV Living

Today I learned something crazy.

There I was, just minding my own business when I got Instagram DM from my friend Kerry.

It was a video of Top Chef star Padma Lakshmi looking hot in a sparkly outfit.

This is the video.


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I’m sure that we can all agree that that is a nice video. It is pretty standard Padma stuff. She is the cat’s meow!

Here comes the crazy part. Are you ready? Brace yourself….

Then Kerry told me that her Dad thinks that Padma is the worst part of Top Chef.

Isn’t that fucking crazy??!!!

Yes it is! Super crazy! What a stupid thing to think. Padma is the best part of Top Chef. Just look at her!!!

In conclusion, the crazy thing that I learned today is that Kerry’s Dad is not a fan of Padma Lakshmi.

Kerry’s Dad is the Mayor of Padma Hater Island, and he is also the only inhabitant.

The end.

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