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Unleash The Kraken!

By October 13, 2021Sports

The Seattle Kraken inaugural season has begun.

Unleash the Kraken!

I can honestly say I’ve watched every single Kraken game to date. I can also honestly say that I’ve watched only one Kraken game to date. At the time of writing this, both things are true!

The game was exciting. I should know because I watched it like the true fan that I am. Kraken gave up a lot of points in the period, but they got some points of their own later in the game. But then the Knights got another point and the Kraken didn’t get anymore. So the Knights won the game 4 – 3

Here are a few of my takeaways from the first game.

The Kraken Look Good

And by look good, I’m not talking about their hockey skills. I’m talking about those sweet sweet unis!

The design team did a marvelous job with the Kraken logos and the team colors and I am very impressed. The Kraken are a good looking bunch of hockey dudes.

I Don’t Know Anything About Hockey

Chaos is the word I use to describe a hockey game. I have no idea what is happening on the ice. Guys are flying around smashing into things, trying to get the puck, trying to shoot the puck, trying to block the puck, sticks are everywhere… total chaos!

I don’t have a good handle on the rules. I don’t understand strategy. I don’t understand the positions, which players are supposed to do what.  I don’t know which players are good, and I don’t know which ones are bad. If I was some kind of Santa Clause that only gave out presents to hockey players based on whether they are good or bad, I would have to do a lot of guessing, and then I would certainly get fired.

But since I am now the worlds’ greatest Seattle Kraken fan, I hope I will be able to figure some of this stuff out while following the team.

The Las Vegas Knights Have A Bad Ass Graphics Team.

Just check this shit out. My god, this is cool!

The Knights are not fucking around!

I also am a huge fan of the Knight’s party castle.

The Kraken Goalie Might Be Good?

Philip Grubauer plays goalie for the Kraken.  He made 26 saves, which seems like a lot. And he also gave up four goals, which also seems like a lot. So… does that mean he’s good? (I’m asking for a friend).

The Kraken Suck at Super Power Plays

At one point in the game, the Kraken had a super power play.

A super power play is when two of the opposing players are in the penalty box at the same time.  Super Power Play is also a term I just invented.

And even though the Kraken had a ton of more players on the ice during their super power play, they still could score. What a bunch of ding dongs! If I were the Kraken coach, I would do nothing but super power play drills at their next practice. And I might also throw donuts at the players while they practice, just to mix things up.