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New Song: Don’t Stop Be Jumpin’

By February 10, 2024music, One In A Row

ONE IN A ROW is the latest music project from Mike Votava. It is where he publishes alls his latest tunes.

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My new song “Don’t Stop Be Jumpin” was inspired by the book Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.  I wrote it a few months ago for a performance with The Bushwick Book Club Seattle.

Going into it I thought I was going to hate reading Where the Crawdads Sing because my friend Kerry said that I would hate it. She’s usually right about these sorts of things. But not this time. I didn’t hate it. I found the book to be a pretty fun and easy read. This surprised me and her both.

My favorite character in the book is Jumpin’. He operates the town gas station/convenience store and is well known for his stellar customer service. Everyone calls him Jumpin’ because he springs out of his chair to help customers whenever they need anything. Jumpin’s shop seemed to be a crucial town institution, without it the entire town would likely collapse in on itself.

The title, “Don’t Stop Be Jumpin”, is an obvious play on Journey’s hit song “Don’t Stop Believing”.  I thought I was being clever but I’m still not sure if it’s a “good” idea. I’m leaning towards the idea is on the dumb side of the spectrum… but then again, I also tend to like dumb stuff so maybe that means it is a good idea after all. Who knows?!

In the end, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the song is finished and it’s on my new album, and it is no longer my problem. Feel free to debate amongst yourselves if I am an idiot or not.

I hope you enjoy the song. It features the talented Ailisa Newhall on accordion.


Bonus Song Nugget #1

Live Performance

I wrote and performed this song live at a Bushwick Book Club Seattle show on Ocoter 14, 2023.

This was the first and only time I’ve played the song in front of an audience other than the cat.

It was so much fun. I thought I did a good job. The audience responded well. I even got them to sing along with me at the end.

Bonus Song Nugget #2

Golden “Maple Bar” Tate

One of the main characters in Where the Crawdads Sing is Tate Walker. He is the love interest of the main character. Tate is often described as having “golden hair.” Which of course, made it impossible for me not to think about Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate.

Every time Tate showed up in the book, I pictured Golden Tate in his place. Which, now that I think about it, is probably a big reason I enjoyed the book as much as I did.

Golden Tate is one of my favorite Seahawks of all time. He is most famous for two things.

The Fail Mary.

And as a rookie in 2010, before he even played a single down for the Seahawks, Golden Tate broke into a Top Pot Doughnuts and stole a bunch of maple bars. It was an incident dubbed by the Seattle Times as “The Great Maple Bar Caper”.

I couldn’t figure out a way to include the Fail Mary into the song but I got maple bars in there. Oh yeah!

My hottest take as a Seattle Seahawks fan is that the Seahawks would have won multiple Super Bowls (especially Super Bowl XLIX) if they figured out a way to keep him on the team after their Super Bowl winning season.

Don’t Stop Be Jumpin’
by Mike Votava

We don’t need roads where we’re going
motoring through the marsh every night
don’t stop be Jumpin’

Selling mussels by the buttload
guaranteed to receive a decent price
don’t stop be Jumpin’

I know how you got your name
I’ve seen you spring to life when the customers ring
searching for supplies
you’re keeping them alive

Tiny gestures are not forgotten
the Sugar Daddy at the bottom
what a wonderful treat, a nice surprise
don’t stop be Jumpin’

Here comes Golden Tate
lock up all your maple bars
put those doughnuts away
or Golden Tate will break your heart

Ever wonder what’s for dinner?
a life without grits is not worth living
so boil up a pot on the stove
and don’t stop be Jumpin’