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Eat A Hot Dog Now Available Everywhere

By November 23, 2019music


Eat a Hot Dog, the new Mike Votava and The Ding Dongs album is now available to purchase and/or stream.

I am very excited to share this music with you. It features 12 ding dong dongery songs that have nothing to do with hot dogs or eating. I know that might be a little confusing since the album is named Eat A Hot Dog, but it’s the only name I could think of.

I originally hired an album naming guy to help me name the project. Before he could come up with a name he was involved in an untimely bowling accident. He survived the accident but tragically lost his ability to name stuff. He never named anything ever again.

You should go buy Eat A Hot Dog on Bandcamp right now!

And/or check it out on:

You can even add it to your Tinder profile:

(there is a reason why I get all the ladies)

The end