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Greeting Cards Fun

By February 8, 2021February 9th, 2021Arts and Farts and Crafts, Artwork

I’ve recently gotten into making my own greeting cards. I design the cards, print them out on my printer, cut, score, and fold them, and then send them to my friends using a magical service known as the USPS.

I make a new card design for each person. That way everyone gets their own card AND I get more designs out of the deal.

Here are a few of the cards I’ve made so far.

I do my best to cater the design to the person I’m sending it to. Sometimes I put the greeting card designs on other things like t-shirts or stickers.

The folks who have gotten the cards say that they are delightful. And that makes me feel good. I like to delight people.

These cards have been a lot of fun to make. There’s something wonderful about working with your hands to make stuff, the experience simply cannot be replicated.

I plan on making more cards in the future. I just upgraded my scoring situation. I got myself an actual scoring board. I can’t wait to use it. I might even use it on you! Bwa ha ha ha!