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New Song: That’s The Wrong Pope

By February 16, 2021February 19th, 2021music, Tuesday Groove Kabobs
mike votava music that's the wrong pope

Every Tuesday I release a brand new song as a part of my Tuesday Groove Kabobs project.

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A few weeks ago I started a movie club with some friends. We call it the Super Fun Movie Group. It’s similar to your standard book club but with movies. What a concept!  We all watch the same movie and every two weeks we meet to discuss. It’s a lot of fun.

The last movie selection was a movie called Doubt. It has a monster cast… Meryl Streep, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams (though Adams was pretty awful.) Doubt is about a priest (Hoffman) and some Nuns (Streep and Adams) and a bunch of stuff happens (or does it?).

See the trailer below for more deets.

I enjoyed the movie overall.  I gave it 3 out of 5 stars (general quality/enjoyment) but only 1 out of 5 boners. “Boners” is our metric for how “HOT” the movie is (The hotter the movie, the more “boners” it gets). The movie is full of unsexy nuns, and priests, and little children, so it’s not very hot, though it earned 1 boner from me because Adams is a babe.

My favorite part was when Adams says to Streep, “That’s the wrong Pope.”

I think that “That’s the wrong Pope” is a hilarious thing to say. So I made a Doubt inspired song using that line as the centerpiece.

The song is called That’s The Wrong Pope. I hope you enjoy it.


Here are some bonus nuggets about the song.

Nugget #1

It took me about fifteen minutes to write the song.  When I was done I realized that I accidentally ripped off Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. How embarrassing! To this note, I added a little nod on the keyboard to the “Nothing Else Matters” melody during the intro.

Though I just listened to “Nothing Else Matters”, and it doesn’t sound very much like “That’s The Wrong Pope”. Not sure what my brain was thinking.

Nugget #2

Not only is Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character the head priest at the church, but he’s also the basketball coach.

Nugget #3

They say the word “doubt” about five million times during the movie. I paid tribute to this in the song by saying “doubt” as much as possible.

Nugget #4

A member of the Super Fun Movie Group suggested that I should write a song about the movies we watch. I don’t think he actually thought I would do it.

Nugget #5

Nugget #5 is a two parter!  I have never met the pope AND I’ve always admired his hat.

That’s The Wrong Pope
by Mike Votava

Hoffman is the coach
he keeps his fingernails clean
praying to God that I make the basketball team
forgive me father
my airball’s a sin
I doubt that my free throws will ever go in
that’s the wrong pope

Go Meryl Streep
find out what you need to know
crashing the scene
like a cat with a mouse down her throat
in dramatic fashion
the words leave her mouth
a heart that was certain is now filled with doubt
that’s the wrong Pope

Poor Amy Adams
with her back to the classroom
their antics are hard to control
she unleashes my favorite quote

How many times must they say it out loud
doubt doubt doubt doubt doubt doubt doubt doubt doubty doubt
that’s the wrong pope