Merry Christmas or Whatever

By December 26, 2020 December 27th, 2020 MJV Living

Most people agree that Christmas is a thing that happens.

I think Christmas is OK. Back when I had a job I used to love getting the day off work. That was one of my favorite things about my old job.

Speaking of Christmas, do you know that I make my own Christmas gifts? Well, I do. I make my family homemade gifts using my arts and farts and crafts skills.

During a typical Christmas season, I would go to the Seattle Goodwill and buy a bunch of random picture frames with the photos still in them. Then I cut and paste (analog style) photos of my face onto the photos to make the best presents ever!  I’d make one for each family member, which means I would have to make a ton of stupid presents every year. My family would either love them, or hate them, or think the gifts are dumb. I honestly can’t tell. My family is a hard bunch to read.

I didn’t get to do that this year because Christmas was canceled due to the goddamm pandemic. I guess I could have technically still made gifts but I’m too afraid to go to the store, so I didn’t. Plus I’m broke and can’t afford much extra fun stuff right now.

I can’t show you photos of this year’s gifts (because they don’t exist.) However, I can show you photos of last year’s gifts. Hot dog!

Here they are! (At least most of them.  It doesn’t look like they are all there. I must have forgotten to photograph some.  Oh well, what are you gonna do?)

Warning: After you see these gifts you’re going to wish that you were related to me.




Which present do you think my sister likes better? See you can’t tell can you?!!! Hard to read!

I wonder if Ian would have liked his gift better if his name was William.

And what’s up with the dude on the right?! Seriously, who the fuck is that guy? I have no idea.

If you know who that guy is, please leave a comment below. You may win a prize just for commenting.