New Song: Champagne In The Membrane

By January 2, 2020 Song of the Week

Happy New Year!

Hope you are enjoying the new decade so far. I’m really looking forward to 2020. It’s going to be way better that stupid 2019. What a dumb year that was.

I wasn’t able to make a new song this week. So once again, here is a song from the archives. It is inspired by the beverage currently known as champagne. It is called Champagne in the Membrane.

My current luxurious rock star lifestyle warrants that I get doped up on champagne at least four times a day, bare minimum. Think about it, when was the last time you saw me without a bottle of champagne in hand? You can’t remember, can you? That’s because I always have a bottle of champagne in my hand (sometimes I have a bottle I both hands).

Champagne and I go waaaaaay back. Champagne and I are like this (I know you can’t see me right now, but when I typed the words “like this” I was also simultaneously holding up my right hand with fingers crossed to further emphasise how “tight” champagne and I actually are).

This song captures the essence of the special bond that only exists between man and champagne.  “Champagne In the Membrane is already the feel good song of 2020.” — Mike Votava


Champagne In The Membrane
by Mike Votava

Drinking champagne in the lobby
drinking champagne at the party
drinking champagne
it’s my favorite drink

drinking champagne, naked bodies
drinking champagne with some hotties
drinking champagne
the bubbles help me think

Whoa o
helps me philosophize
just like I lived in ancient times

champagne makes my brain go crazy
contemplating human existence
Champagne in the membrane
champagne in the brain

Drinking champagne after hours
Drinking champagne in the shower
Drinking champagne
keeps my body fresh

Drinking champagne, brain is bubblin
Drinking champagne, keep it comin
Drinking champagne
because it is the best