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One In A Row

Released on: May 29, 2023 |

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An album project where I’m releasing each song one at a time as I complete them.  I expect there to be about  thirty tracks on this album by the time I’m finished.

mike votava one in a row abbum

Track List

  1. Wilhelm
  2. Little Girl In A Mailbox
  3. I Say Yeah
  4. Breakup
  5. Don’t Stop Be Jumpin’
  6. We Got A Mystery

Album Credits

all songs written by Mike Votava
produced by Mike Votava
recorded by Mike Votava at MJV Studios, Seattle
mastered by Mike Votava at MJV Studios, Seattle
art design by Mke Votava

all instruments performed by Mike Votava
track 3: Banjo — Rick Weber
track 5: Accordion — Ailisa Newall
track 6: Guitar, Pedal Steel — Nathan Sarver

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