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Mike Votava Live From The Fid

By October 4, 2021October 5th, 2021live stream, music, video

Last month I played a live stream show at the Fiddler’s Inn.

The Fid is a cool place in a cool neighborhood (Seattle’s Wedgwood area). They have good beer and good pizza.

They have been hosting these live streams every Monday for the past two years or so. It was nice of them to have me.

Here is the video of the performance.

It was a bit strange playing to an almost empty room. It was challenging to keep the energy up.  In the room, it was just me and the Fid’s two-person tech crew, a dog, and a friend who happened to be in the neighborhood.

I was happy to see that quite a few folks tuned to the live stream from home.  I hope they enjoyed the show.

I watched the show a few days ago. I thought I did a pretty good job overall. I give myself one thumb up. I would have given myself two thumbs up but I screwed up too many of my songs.

Oh well. Hopefully, I can do better next time.

The End.