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New Song: The Pizza Bank

the pizza bank mike votava song

Every Tuesday I release a brand new song as a part of my Tuesday Groove Kabobs project.

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The other day my buddy Nick Droz (Ding Dong) suggested I write a song called “The Pizza Bank”. I don’t think he actually expected me to make the song. And that’s one of the main reasons I did.  Also, I had nothing better to do.

The pizza bank is like a regular bank but instead of banking money, you bank pizza. Got it? It’s not that complicated. This isn’t pizza science, dummy. I like to keep things as simple as possible around here.

You will notice that “The Pizza Bank” is pretty silly. But that’s OK, it’s by design. Everyone knows that silliness is a core attribute of every good pizza song. Just ask the Olson Twins.

My favorite line in “The Pizza Bank” comes at the end of the first verse.

Pizza is better than money

While I do believe that pizza is indeed better than money, I also believe that money is good too. Some people might even go so far as to say that money is better than pizza. So If you like this song (and I know you will), please send me some money so I can buy more pizza (it’s hard to argue with that logic). It’s a classic pizza-win situation.

I hope you like the song AND I hope you feel compelled to buy the song.


Here are a few bonus song nuggets for you.

Bonus Song Nugget #1

I didn’t play a single instrument on this track. The song is made entirely of samples. So in that way it is very similar to the Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique album.

Though just because I used samples for “The Pizza Bank” doesn’t mean it was an easy song to make. It takes a long time to experiment with sounds, find the right samples, arrange the tracks, and build out the song structure. And don’t forget the actual songwriting process, recording the vocals, mixing and mastering, and writing this dumb blog post.

Bonus Song Nugget #2

Shout out to Wes Weddell (Ding Dong) for telling me about the “Here Comes the pizza affair”. I finally had an opportunity to reference it in a song.  When I shoot the music video for “The Pizza Bank” I’ll be sure to include an entire sequence of slow motion pizza throwing.

The End

The Pizza Bank
by Mike Votava

I took a nap into town
there I go
I took a nap into town
like a pro
Everyone’s honking at me
everyone’s causing a scene

All these lazy bones
impact my transportation modes
She’s shaking her driving cane
why can’t I stay in my lane

Floating down the interstate in the clouds
fluffy pillows
the commuters don’t hesitate
curse me out
full of road rage

Time to make a deposit
withdrawal whenever you want it
save up for your party
pizza is better than money

One pizza
two pizza
three pizza
four pizza
The Pizza Bank

Five pizza
six pizza
seven pizza
eight pizza
The Pizza Bank

Cheese and pepperoni
no pizza baloney
open Monday thru Friday
and Saturdays and Sundays

T – H – E – P – I  – Z  – Z – A –  B – A –  N –  K
The Pizza Bank
T – H – E – P – I  – Z  – Z – A –  B – A –  N –  K
The Pizza Bank