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I’m a fan of WINEHOUSE

By January 26, 2023Seattle Music

Dear Internet,

Mike here. I know it’s been a while. But I’ve been busy

Anyhow, I would like to tell you about a new band that I discovered today. They are called WINEHOUSE. They are from Olympia, WA. I found out about them through The Stranger morning Slog newsletter, which I read every day.  Gotta stay informed!

A nice thing about The Stranger Slog AM newsletter is that they almost always end every edition with music. It’s not always local bands. Sometimes it’s David Bowie. Sometimes it’s Janet Jackson. Today it was WINEHOUSE.

My first thought after watching that video was: Boy, do I feel old.

 My second thought was: Wow, that dude must be a huge Vancouver Grizzlies fan.

In the video, he can be seen wearing two different Vancouver Grizzlies t-shirts.  He wears them on his dates.

The dates look super fun by the way. A lot more fun than the crappy non-existent dates I’ve been on lately. The dates consist of a fun night out on the town, spontaneous piggyback rides, a romantic walk near the water, ice cream, and making out in the car.

My third thought was: Damn, that sure was some nice saxophonin’!

I was so impressed that I hopped on over to the WINEHOUSE Bandcamp page and bought the EP.

WINEHOUSE knows how to make really good pop music. The songs are catchy and quite danceable. Everything sounds great. What a treat! I’m a fan.

WINEHOUSE reminds me a bit of Inara George and Annie J.

I hope to catch WINEHOUSE live one day.  Looking forward to the sweet saxophonin’!

That’s all for now.