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New Song: Breakup

By October 12, 2023music, One In A Row

ONE IN A ROW is the latest music project from Mike Votava. It is where he publishes alls his latest tunes.

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Hold on to your butts. This is the the moment you’ve been waiting four (that typo was intentional, you’ll understand in a second, please see the third word in the next sentence).

It’s the fourth song ( do you understand my typo now?)  off my new album One In A Row. It’s a breakup song called “Breakup”.

Unlike most breakup songs, this one is straightforward.  There is no hidden meaning, agenda, or twist ending that you didn’t see coming. I’m talking real surface-level stuff here.  And it’s not even sad.

If you’re going through an actual breakup and looking to comfort yourself with some Saddy McSadderson-type songs, do not listen to “Breakup”. It will not help you. It will only make things worse. Consider mending your broken heart by listening to some Toni Braxton or Jodeci instead.

However, if you are not currently going through a breakup, then “Breakup” is the breakup song for you! You are free to proceed.

Press the play button below, sit back, and enjoy the ruckus.


by Mike Votava

I am so in love with you, baby
you are not in love with me, baby

We’re gonna breakup
yeah we’re gonna break up
it’s the final shake up

we’re coming to the end
We’re gonna breakup
I know we’re gonna breakup
never gonna wake up
in your arms again

I am sill in love with you, baby

There there there
there there there