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New Song: Farting Around

mike votava music farting around

If you guessed that my new song “Farting Around” was about farts you would be wrong.

It’s about imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is a plague that has tormented artists since the beginning of time. It’s when you irrationally doubt your own abilities and accomplishments, which leads to feeling like a complete fraud.

I know what you’re thinking. How can a song called “Farting Around” be about imposter syndrome? Well, let me explain.

But first, here is the song. Take a listen. It’s a good one. I did my best to make it extra disco-eee.


I wrote this song a few years ago after reading Born Standing Up by Steve Martin.

Steve Martin talks about how a lot of his comedy centers on the concept of being very serious about being absurd. It’s the seriousness that makes the bit funny. An example of this is a scene where he is performing outside. He encounters a doorman or perhaps a passerby entering a building.

Forgive me. I can’t remember the exact details. I don’t have the book in front of me either so I can’t fact check. Years ago my copy was stolen while I was at bar karaoke-ing the crap out of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”. That was a particularly bad week for me. A few days earlier my car was stolen. But I digress…

Anyhow, much to the delight of the audience, Steve Martin starts “making fun” of the guy. He mockingly yells out things like “Hey, Mr. Clean Pants!” and “Your pants are sooooo clean! You think you’re better than me?” (This scene is depicted in the first verse of “Farting Around”)

You would think that having clean pants is not something you would normally get lampooned for. The situation is fundamentally absurd. I mean what’s so bad about having clean pants? Nothing!  And that’s what makes it funny, especially when the “insults” are being delivered with Steve Martins’ over-the-top conviction.

I too have used this sort of humor over the years. It is often on full display while attending my friend’s adult summer league baseball games


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One of my favorite past times is to go to their games, sit in the stands, drink beers, and heckle my friends while they are baseballing it up. They are not good at baseball, BTW. It’s great fun! More so than going to a crappy Mariners game (The Mariners are terrible too but for unfunny reasons).

It would be mean (and boring) to keep yelling out “You suck!” for nine innings while they drop routine fly balls, let ground balls roll between their legs, and make misfires to second base. Not to mention I would probably get beat up if I did that. So instead, I stick with heckles that are seriously absurd.

For example, there’s a baseball player by the name of Geoff Larson, AKA “Fart Fartson”. He wears glasses so he is an easy target when he takes the field. (This scene is depicted in the second verse of “Farting Around”)

“Hey, Glasses!”

“Nice glasses!”

“I like your glasses!”

“Maybe you should adjust your glasses. Have you thought about that?”

“Where’d you get those glasses, Glasses? Did you get them at the glasses store? I bet you did!”

Ha! I am so hilarious. I’m really on to something here. I am quite the comedic trailblazer!

At least that’s what I thought until I read Steve Martin’s book. That’s when I learned that he’s been doing this sort of thing for thousands of years, long before I was even born. And I’m sure he did waaaayyyy better than I ever have or ever will.

Turns out I’m not original at all. This whole time I’ve just been stealing Steve Martin’s bit. I’m not funny, talented, or interesting. I’m a fraud, an imposter.

See, I told the song was about imposter syndrome.

Here are a few bonus song nuggets for you.

Bonus Song Nugget #1

Special thanks to Geoff “Fart Fartson” Larson for being such a good sport about everything. I don’t think the man has ever once taken anything personally on any level. I don’t know how he does it. It’s an incredible superpower.


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Bonus Song Nugget #2

I am particularly proud of the guitar solo. I’ve been practicing the guitar a lot lately and it’s nice to have audible proof that I am getting better at writing solos and playing them.

Bonus Song Nugget #3

I also like the digital horns that accompany the guitar solo and then remain throughout the rest of the song. The arrangement cracks me up ever y time. Like, “Surprise… here come the horns! Oh wait, those horns are here to stay! It’s a double horn surprise!”

Farting Around
by Mike Votava

Hey, Mr. Clean pants
You think you’re better than me?
Hey, Mr. Clean Pants
Your pants are super clean
On the stage with an arrow through your head
no one’s laughing
the audience is dead

Whoa oh
Steve Martin
Look what you’re starting
Always farting around

Am I original
I accidentally borrowed your material
Now I will drown my sorrows in some cereal
How was I supposed to know that you used it in your show
50 billion years ago in the early 70s

Hey there, Glasses
I like your glasses
Hey there, Glasses
Nice glasses
On the field or behind the upright bass
It’s hard to see without the glasses on your face

Whoa oh
Geof Larson
Oh Fart Fartson
Always farting around

Am I original
I accidentally borrowed your material
Now I will drown my sorrows in some cereal
How was I supposed to know that you used it in your show
50 trillion years ago in the early 70s