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New Song: I Took A Nap Into Town

Every Tuesday I release a brand new song as a part of my Tuesday Groove Kabobs project.

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This week’s Tuesday Groove Kabob is called “I Took A Nap Into Town”.

It’s about trying to chill out a little bit amidst being surrounded by chaos and lunatics.

The title “I Took A Nap Into Town” is an obvious play on words. When people normally “take a nap” they stay put right where they are on their comfy couch or bed.  They don’t actually go anywhere other than to Sleepytown, USA.

I like the idea of napping as a literal mode of transportation, like taking a bus, or an uUber, or a Caribbean cruise with Manute Bol.

Imagine this common party scenario:

Person 1: It’s nice to see you, Person 2. Thanks for coming to my party. How did you get here?

Person 2: I took a nap.

Person 1: That’s awesome. I love taking naps. I took a nap to work on Friday. Would you like some nachos?

Person 2: You had me at Nachos!

Person 1: I’m not sure what that means but I’ll go get the nachos.

Person 2: You had me at Nachos!

Person 1: Why do you keep saying that?

Person 2: You had me at Nachos!

Person 1:

The End

How cool would it be to take a nap in one place where you didn’t want to be and end up in another place that you did? And not because you take a nap while inside something that is moving, the way we sometimes do now . But because napping was just a normal way of getting around. I think that would rule!

I hope you like the song. Check it out.


There are a few Secret Easter Eggs in this song. I will point them out to you so they are less secret.

Secret Easter Egg #1

Honking Horns — I added a few car horn honks for effect. You probably heard them, I know.  I also know that this is the least secrety Secrete Easer Egg in the entire song

Secret Easter Egg #2

Driving Cane – I mentioned a driving a cane in the second verse. This is a fun reference to Mike Votava and The Ding Dong’s number one hit song “Driving Cane”.

Secret Easter Egg #3

The Beatles bridge  – I lifted the chord progression for the bridge from the bridge of The Beatles song “Two Of Us”. I used the exact same chords and didn’t try to hide it in any way.  It’s like my Dad always used to say, “If it’s good enough for the Beatles, it’s good enough for me”.*

Secret Easter Egg #4

Key Change — The song ends in a key that’s a full step lower than what it started in. This will do a number on your brain if you listen to the song on repeat.

Party on!

I Took A Nap Into Town
by Mike Votava

I took a nap into town
there I go
I took a nap into town
like a pro
Everyone’s honking at me
everyone’s causing a scene

All these lazy bones
impact my transportation modes
She’s shaking her driving cane
why can’t I stay in my lane

Floating down the interstate in the clouds
fluffy pillows
the commuters don’t hesitate
curse me out
full of road rage

I took a nap into town
there I go
I took a nap into town
like a pro
Everyone’s honking at me
I must be causing a scene