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New Song: Possum House

By May 31, 2022June 3rd, 2022music, Tuesday Groove Kabobs

Every Tuesday I release a brand new song as a part of my Tuesday Groove Kabobs project.

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Oh boy!  Here is another new song, which also happens to be another “animal” song (there seems to a lot of those lately).  This one is about possums and it is called “Possum House”.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea that possum houses were a thing. But alas, they are!  Or at least I briefly thought they were a thing. Now I’m not so convinced….

You see, my arch-nemesis told me about them. She had just gotten back from a possum house building vacation extravaganza. She claims she built a possum house herself. She showed me a picture of it. It did not look like a house. It looked like a big pile of sticks and mud. She assured me it was a possum house. I was skeptical but I eventually took her word for it.

Later, I Google image searched “possum house” and was unable to find anything that resembled the photo my arch nemesis showed me. I think I may have been duped, fallen victim to a hilarious prank that only the mind of an arch-nemesis could concoct! She did not build a possum house. She just built a pile of sticks and mud and told me it was a possum house —a classic arch-nemesis gambit. And I believed her like a dummy.

Ha ha ha! Very funny! You got me good with your dumb possum house bit! You’re sooooooo hilarious!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my new “Possum House song. It features Nathan Sarver on lead guitar. He is pretty pretty pretty good!


Bonus Song Nugget #1

Hitting Those High Notes

Did you hear the vocal harmony part in the chorus?

I admit it’s not the best harmony part but those last couple of notes are way the fuck up there. I’ve been practicing my singing. My range is getting higher. The notes still don’t sound that great to my ears but at least they are super high. Doubt I could have hit those notes a couple of months ago.

Good job me.

Bonus Song Nugget #2

Best Part Of the Song is the Guitar Leads

Nathan Sarver played all the cool guitar lines and the guitar solo. He made the song way better.  I can’t play like that. Though I am happy that I know people who can and that they are willing to work on music projects with me. I paid him in farts.

Possum House
by Mike Votava

I’m building a house for all the possums in the world
so they can have a place to party down

The possum house is an awesome house to live
especially if you are a possum

Through the open door is how they get inside
there’s possums galore having the greatest time

Mud and stick and sticks and mud
held together with some love
it’s super sturdy and built to last
for the longest time

I’m building a possum house
motherfucking possum house
I’m’ building a possum house
whoa yeah