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Poster For The Big Blue Moon Show Starring Mike Votava And The Ding Dongs

By May 21, 2023posters

As someone who plays music in bands, I have an underlying (somewhat irrational and probably unpopular) personal philosophy that every good rock show deserves a good rock show poster. And that if you don’t have a show poster, it’s much harder to take the show and your band seriously. In my mind, the rock show and the rock poster go hand in hand.

Despite having a bunch of songs about hot dogs, tacos, pizza, and animals, I would like to be taken seriously as an artist. I realize my choice of song topics is probably not helping my case, especially in the short term, however, there’s no possible way any human being equipped with a standard soul could take a look at my latest show poster design and not take me seriously.

I mean look at this baby!

Mike Votava And The Ding Dongs | The Blue Moon | Poster


And yes that is the robot from Rock IV.

Here is an UNFUN FACT for you. In the recent ROCKY IV director cut, Sylvestor Stalone made the choice to remove the robot from the movie. I’m not happy about it. Nobody is happy about it. Stallone is a lot of things and apparently one of those things is an idiot.

I took some design inspiration from old sci-fi book covers.

Additional inspiration was found in the work of Seattle Design Studio Invisible Creature.


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I loved this poster they designed for NASA. It made me want to incorporate outer space and motion and explosions and an inline typeface in my design.

I hope you enjoy this poster. I made some prints and they are fantastic. They are currently hanging inside The Blue Moon.

And please consider coming to the big Mike Votava And The Ding Dongs show at The Blue Moon on June 9th. I’ll have some extra poster prints available. You would be more than welcome to take one home with you and hang it on your fridge.