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New Song: Wilhelm

By May 30, 2023music, One In A Row

ONE IN A ROW is the latest music project from Mike Votava. It is where he publishes alls his latest tunes.

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­­You have probably heard the Wilhelm Scream. It’s one of Hollywood’s most iconic stock sound effects. It’s been used in hundreds of movies (most famously in Star Wars).

Recently the original studio session recording of the Wilhelm Scream was uncovered and then posted to the internet where any idiot such as myself can download and use it willy-nilly in their own projects (for free).

And that’s exactly what I did!

My newest song is called “Wilhelm”. Not only is it about the Wilhelm Scream, it also features the actual Wilhelm Scream (many many many many times).

One other thing you should know is that I started a new album project on Bandcamp called One In A Row. This is where I’ll be publishing my new material for the foreseeable future. “Wilhelm” is the first song in this new batch.


Bonus Song Nugget #1

The voice actor for the Wilhelm Scream wrote a hit song

A man by the name of Sheb Wooley usually gets credited for voicing the Wilhelm Scream. He is also responsible for writing the 1958 hit song “The Purple People Eater”

Bonus Song Nugget #2

The Wilhelm Scream was originally recorded for the 1951 film Distant Drums

The very first use of the Wilhelm screm was in a scene where a man gets eaten by an alligator while crossing a swamp.

My favorite part of the orignal Wilhelm Scream studio session sound clip is that you can hear Director giving the actor notes.

by Mike Votava

In the darkest corners of the sky
I can hear Wilhelm screaming
I must have heard him at least ten million times
wide awake while the world was barely breathing

on your first attempt, you were ok
it wasn’t great
I could tell that your heart was never in it
now imagine you’re a man
in a swamp all alone
with an alligator friend and you’ve been bitten

not all moments are created equal
not everyone gets the chance to live forever
dare to live the dream
go on to bigger better things
write a hit song called The Purple People Eater