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New Song: Rocket Boat

By February 8, 2022February 11th, 2022music, Tuesday Groove Kabobs
mike votava rocket boat

Every Tuesday I release a brand new song as a part of my Tuesday Groove Kabobs project.

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“All aboard The Rocket Boat!”

Why should you get on board the rocket boat you ask? Well, because “Rocket Boat” is the name of my new song and it happens to be very good. That’s why, dummy!

The Rocket Boat is indeed a real thing but unfortunately, this song is not actually about the thing.  In the song, The Rocket Boat is a stand-in for something, if obtained, will send you down a new path towards heavily enhanced pleasantries and a much better way of being. The person in the song doesn’t actually think they will get the thing, but it would be pretty sweet if they did.

So get on board The Rocket Boat and check out my new song “Rocket Boat”.


Bonus Song Nugget #1

All Aboard the Rocket Boat

All aboard the Rocket Boat

Much like the Sasquatch, The Rocket Boat is real!

It is a giant speed boat that lives in the San Francisco Bay. It’s painted fiery red with cool flames blazing down the sides. It cruises the bay at speeds of up to ten thousand miles per hour while blasting rock and roll music. It’s fucking awesome!

Sadly I have never been on The Rocket Boat. I’m not sure what I’m doing with my life.

Bonus Song Nugget #2

Fingerpicking Chops

Since the beginning of time, I’ve never been that good at fingerpicking the geetar. Recently I decided to do something about it. I’ve been practicing a lot more and it is starting a show. A couple of months ago I wouldn’t be able to play this song.

Now the fingers on my right hand can dance around the strings without me having to think about it. I still have a lot of work to do but I’d like to take this opportunity to pat myself on the back for all the progress I’ve made.

If you are also adequately impressed by my fingerpicking skills, feel free to give me a nice pat me on the back the next time you see me. Unless, of course, if you are an unvaccinated antivaxxing nut job. If that’s the case, please kindly stay the fuck away from me.

Bonus Song Nugget #3

Dumb Down The Bass

Last week I was working over at Nick Droz’s studio making a song for a new project. I was tracking the bass part. There I was doing my best to lay down a tasty bass groove, meanwhile, Nick kept interrupting me. He told me I was playing way too many notes. He suggested I “dumb down” the part. I didn’t want to dumb down the bass part but I did anyways because Nick was in charge and that’s the way he wanted it done. I finished tracking the bass while keeping the selected note quantity to a minimum.

It turns out Nick was right. Not only was I playing a bunch of unnecessary notes, but I was also playing those extra notes poorly because I suck at bass guitar. The song was way better with fewer notes.

When I tracked the bass part for “Rocket Boat” I made sure to listen to Nick “Dumb Down” Droz’s advice once again. I kept the bass line pretty simple. There’s nothing fancy to see here, folks. It’s just your ordinary boring ol’ bassline getting the job done in a very pleasing yet unspectacular way.

Bonus Song Nugget #4

Not My First Boat Song and Won’t Be My Last

This is not the first song I’ve written with “boat” in the title.  I’ve also written a song called “Patrol Boat”. It is a love song inspired by the popular board game Battleship.

At one point “Patrol Boat” was a We Wrote the Book on Connectors song, but now it’s a Mike Votava and The Ding Dongs song. We play it all the time at our live shows. It’s a hoot!

“Patrol Boat” was once featured in the hit movie Battleship.

Here is the trailer to prove it.

Rocket Boat
by Mike Votava

Rocket boat zooming by
wish I was on that ride
on the rocket boat
awesome rocket boat

Underneath the burning bridge
the paper trails and interwebz praise the rocket boat
five-star rocket boat

I’ve been moving kind of slow
it’s the only way I know
close my eyes, begin to float
on the rocket boat

Open skies making waves
live the dream, good times for days
on the rocket boat
exclusive rocket boat

Horizon goals beyond the sun
just out of reach unless you’re on
on the rocket boat
magic rocket boat